5 Mistakes To Open And Close Presentations

5 minutes for law school

Practice is material, chuvstvnno the subject purposeful activity of people having the contents development and preobraz and social objects and making a general basis move force of development of persons of society and knowledge. Under first of all understand not only and not so much deit separate persons, how many the cumulative deit, experience of all mankind in its istorrazvitiya. Kakpo and in a form of the practician has character. Sovr of the practician is r-t of a world history. Practice includes such moments as the purpose, requirement, motive, separate actions, the movements, acts, a subject, on a cat activity, means is directed to the purpose and r-t of activity.

In the history of society in a bigger measure, than in the nature, a case because here the people induced by ideas, will and passions act. Logic of history, action of need in it as a resultant activity multiply people it was called Hegel cunning used up reason. Out of accident the history would be fatal. However and it is not necessary to absolutize voluntarism.

How freedom corresponds to need? About one stor is present in not round, i.e. not round is realized only through freedom, in a look choice chains in activity of people, a cat, having begun once, led to the state given. It means that in used up process not round not only will confess, but also is created. With the parties not round contains in in the form of the objectively these used up circumstances, conditions deit people. Generally freedom conscious need.

What gives to people a guarantee of the validity of knowledge? Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz - Crete truth clarity and distinctness of thinking. Example: the square has 4 parties. However clarity and evidence - the subject of a condition of consciousness and they need a support on something stronger.

Others consider that all on light - a matter of luck and needs to be entrusted it the destiny. So there was a false alternative - or in the world accident, or not any accident, only need dominates.

Vnutr follow from the nature of object. as if the situation the phenomena is described from within any one causal row, and a scoop action sequences a posredstvomponyatiya object of a condition the main causal row.

If to recognize that the general differently as in single and through it, it would mean that everything singularities are indiscernible. However is not present identities of things. Such distinction of singularities is fixed by category of the special. Special means a measure and a way of association of the general and single in one phenomenon.

will there is not round the condition any to activity, the subject a cat is integral the sense of responsibility is inherent. Otvetstvo assumes from 1 party understanding due, and with - a choice of ways of its realization.