Applying To Write A Characterization

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AMST means creation of the synthesized genre uniting music and the text. The tools which are not disturbing to breath of the performer were necessary for such association so, wind instruments automatically were not suitable for such creativity. Besides the tool had to be a lung in development, mobile (the small sizes, weight), simple in service (repair,, available (widespread, cheap) and the main thing – to have high musical opportunities (range of sounding, the loudspeaker, a timbre, an akkordovost). Clearly the wooden string instrument (having 4 and more strings) of the small sizes - a prototype of a modern guitar appears. It is necessary to tell that requirements imposed to the tool for AMST in many respects remained still.

In introduction justification of relevance of a subject is given, the purpose, tasks, object and an object of research, a scientific hypothesis are formulated; scientific novelty and the practical importance are given; theoretical and methodological bases are defined, necessary concepts and terms are given.

Participation in poetry fully belongs and to creativity of Sergey Nikitin, Victor Berkovsky, Alexander Dulov, Evgeny Klyachkin, Alexander Sukhanov and other authors of melodies on verses of professional domestic and foreign poets. Those who sings the songs within a genre today, want they it or not, have to remember this high poetic level constantly.

According to research problems we tracked a historical way of development of AMST, found out that it arose many centuries back and is closely connected with history of development of a modern civilization. Came to a conclusion that the phenomenon made on it huge impact. As a result of evolution of AMST it got modern forms, but, naturally, not the end result since AMST is a dynamic process.

KSP can go through professionalizing. This way will not give base for work of KSP as a subsystem of public consciousness. It mainly not work with ideas, and work with texts and music, i.e. with a form of ideas. Such tendency in it is already now rather expressed. Then it is best of all for it to turn into club in the true sense of the word: rather elite, maybe, closed in a certain degree. Mass character in this case should be reduced strongly as mass character and professionalizing is the two variables limiting each other. Mass character and now, apparently, prevents to be developed at full capacity tendencies to professionalizing. In any case, it is necessary to realize mass character and professionalizing as the different tendencies demanding for the development of the different, sometimes contradicting each other forms. However, there can be also some compromise way: creation of two different forms - for work on the line of professional creativity and for mass meetings. That and another then need to be correlated elaborately with each other. Then there will be a new form of the organization, maybe, not less unique, than last and modern KSP.

Emergence of writing did not make sharp changes to amateur creativity. Only eventually the mankind realized all pluses of exact information transfer in writing. Undoubtedly, highly artistic works were created and before emergence of writing. For example, in Iceland, at the beginning of the IX century, there was a skaldichesky poetry, and only three eyelids later there was a writing. Later, in the X-XV centuries, troubadours, minnezinger, meysterzinger though left many works written down, but reported izustno traditionally much. Gradually writing extended, and together with it it became known more and more names of authors. The era of troubadours, trouveres and a minnezanga is one of the major eras in the history of cultural development of humanity. It – a necessary link in this development as a necessary link are the Middle Ages in general.