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The enemies broken in literary fights began to exasperate the playwright with personal attacks, dirty slander on his private life. But they did not manage to break Molière. In fight and polemic his satirical talent everything was more widely developed and got stronger.

Some limitation peculiar ­ classicism, affects and in the image of human characters. It was noted by Pushkin, on superiority of Shakespearean realism:

Typicalness of images, ability to find the most essential, socially caused lines of the human character represented by it in characters of the works - this main line of realism with big acts in all best comedies of Molière.

Democratic sympathies of Molière, his courageous, materialistic philosophical views of the great playwright, fine knowledge of a and its truthful reproduction, the address to the people-nomuttatru, aspiration to influence life, representing its dark sides, - all this conducted to that in Molière's creativity lines of realism grew and got stronger.