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On the one hand, the strategic objective of the producer the maximum satisfaction of the consumer by quality of goods and service of distribution. Quantitative — the criteria expressing this purpose are, a, a maximum of a share of the market, the maximum sales volume or size of the share capital of firm (a market of actions).

Existence in a distributive network of firm of a large number of intermediaries substantially complicates adoption of effective decisions for logistic management. difficulty consists in coordination local and tasks of functional groups of intermediaries with and logistic global (strategic) am of firm. Besides, it is necessary to consider that in each functional group of logistic intermediaries, a certain market relationship which it is integrated work and are transformed it is possible to divide into a, the conflicts and the competition.

If it is impossible to avoid creation of a stationary. It has to settle down from a logistic chain in the center of consolidation which is placed closer to final outlets if it physical distribution in respect of a. And in the center of consolidation located is perhaps closer to initial production if it concerns sorting.

The conflicts arise when intermediaries have the purposes, and achievement of optimum interaction in all distributive canal is difficult. Distinguish the and vertical conflicts between in distribution.

Besides, it is necessary to consider that producers and logistic intermediaries (transport companies, wholesale and retail dealers and other links of a logistic network) though cooperate activities for satisfaction of demand of the end user, can have various points of view concerning ways of achievement of these purposes. Besides, both producers of goods, and logistic intermediaries seek to get profit which total value in system of distribution has to be divided between them that can be the reason of a.

The horizontal conflicts can arise between of one level in the distributive channel, a, between sredneoptovy trading companies, the identical product range in a certain zone.

Connected relationship. Logistic in distribution for ensuring competitiveness connect themselves defined (sometimes semi-legal) in trade or other relations (for example, not to receive or not to sell goods of rival firm, etc.).

Reduction of time of delivery of goods to consumers in some local territory demands a considerable of number of warehouses in a distributive network. So on reduction of time of delivery of production almost fivefold increase in quantity of warehouses twice.

Cargo units have to be considered from a point a of transportation by many means of transport, i.e. from the point of view of the maximum capacity of the standardized which can be perhaps offered each of means of transport.

Application of this rule opens new prospects concerning a choice which has to be made between a of the stationary warehouse placed in the local market and the concept of a mobile, mobile stock. In other words, we owe a vybiratmezhd speed a and reliability of distribution.