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Pass faces the pupils, and also the workers transferred from one work on another who arrived on the enterprises or serving one type of the equipment on another even if this translation is temporary.

It is carried out for examination by workers safe working methods, and also rules and safety rules. Workers of public catering pass it at least once in three months.

The loading bunker with a safety lattice is installed on a pig-iron bed. To the loading bunker the movable frame for raising of a bag with a flour fastens. In the bunker the rotating krylchatka giving a flour to a vertical pipe is located. In a pipe there is a screw. On a shaft of the screw the sieve and a framework with motionless blades are strengthened. From below the sieve has loading shovels. From above the car is closed by the cover having a folding bolt. For catching of metal impurity the loading tray is supplied with a magnetic trap.