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It is important that, reading the test, the trainee well understood, what activity it has to carry out, what knowledge to show and in what volume. To achieve all-clearness of tests, they are checked in a consecutive series of experiments for trainees of this step of training. The interrelation between tests, TSO, activity of the teacher and trainee is defined according to the accepted didactic program.

Concerning the specified reasons and factors various options of interrelation of the word and image are possible, but such interrelation has to be obligatory. Each image on the screen or a soundtrack during occupation should be accompanied with "verbal registration" which task - integrally "to enter" this image in logic of occupation, its structure and the contents. Otherwise the image or "drops out" of structure of occupation, or that is even worse, destroys this structure.

When using of the explanatory illustrated material statement method graphics illustrate the told. Therefore address to them as to argument after when verbally express the necessary situation. In this case components of occupation are connected in the form of the relation "word image".

One of effective methodical methods of use of TSO is their complex application. The essence of such reception is that the lecturer consistently addresses to different types of TSO: diaproyektion, film projections, sound recordings etc. It increases informational content of occupation, its informative and educational value.

Let's note that enter into structure of the complexes which both are trained, and controlling: slide projectors, film, video and television systems, tape recorders, educational literature, various type of the COMPUTER. It works everything on the basis of iformation carriers: slides, video topics, filmstrips, diskettes, tests of control of knowledge etc.