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In modern representation the morals are set of norms and principles of behavior of people on the relation to each other and in society. The morals characterize culture and moral of the human relations. Conscience and honor of the person form their basis. The morals are the goavny quality characterizing humanity and decency of people.

The reasonable belief in absolute Good leans on internal experience and that with logical need follows from it. Having justified Good as such, in philosophy moral, we have to justify Good as Truth in theoretical philosophy.

Philosophical and ethical opinion of Schweitzer is most fully stated in his work "Culture and Ethics" (19 Other source of ethical outlook of, as well as all great moralists, his life is.

The person — not an angel, and as a being terrestrial, carnal, it cannot but do harm to other lives. However the person (and it does his behavior ethical, moral) can consciously follow in the actions to a of awe of life, promoting its everywhere where it is possible, and minimizing the harm interfaced to its existence and activity.