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carrying out demonopolization of activity of managements of capital construction of local executive authorities, enterprises and organizations of a construction complex, housing-and-municipal and operational organizations;

Thus, the new normative document is directed on eliminating a number of serious defects of work of services of subsidizing of the local bodies making decisions on granting subsidies, so for example, numerous cases of granting the subsidies, in sizes exceeding according to BTI, the cost of the acquired premises.

The concept of real estate given in Art. 130 of the new Civil code includes the land plots, subsoil plots, the isolated water objects, the woods, long-term plantings, buildings and constructions, i.e. the objects which are strongly connected with the earth which movement without proportional damage to their appointment is impossible.

Along with increase in the amounts of financing of construction of housing the importance is got by problems of decrease in its prime cost that is predetermined by improvement of the organization of housing construction, timeliness of receipt of funds, and also a condition of its material resources: creation and development of capacities of a construction complex on modern technical base, increase of efficiency of construction production and the industry of construction materials, products from local raw materials. Realization of the general strategy of increase of a standard of living of the population and performance of the planned actions for depreciation of construction will promote bigger availability and increase of level of security of the population with housing.

Commodity (property) support – preferential sale or a gratuitous nezavershenka broadcast and irrationally used residential buildings and rooms for their re-equipment under housing, preferential sale of the wood on a root, transfer of the land plots on favorable terms and providing the land plots with engineering infrastructure.

On the basis of data it is possible to draw a conclusion that even if the size K=3, a family with prosperity in 1,1 MPB is not present sense to accumulate means since it is possible not to live up to the moment of installation in the new apartment. The meaning of accumulation of means is lost also at increase in value To, and even for families with higher prosperity.