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Signator/2000 includes functions of the account and document flow, and also partially functions of the analysis. However, the organizations - participants of stock market can use some other systems. First of all it is systems of accounting, and also trade, information and analytical systems. The interface with accounts department assumes daily creation of the file of conductings. The interface with trade systems serves for loading in system of reports on transactions. The interface with information systems is necessary for loading of the prices and analytical indicators on securities. If the organization uses analytical systems, any information from the Signator/200 database can be transferred to them

The user himself can define new securities, setting their properties. Data on securities, except properties, include history and the forecast of the prices, the schedule of payments of coupons and dividends. These data can undertake from external information systems, such as REUTERS, DOW JONES TELERATE or RosBusinessConsulting and represent a basis for carrying out the analysis of profits losses and the technical analysis.

Appropriate documenting of primary accounting of transactions is provided by filling of the document certifying the fact of obtaining the order of the client on transaction with securities, and the document certifying the transaction fact with securities.

Book of accounts of the internal account consists of two sections: "Accounting of money" and "Accounting of securities". In the section "Accounting of Securities" personal accounts for the accounting of number of securities of the different types which are in own and client portfolios open, in particular.

Apparently from the listed above functions, the back office belongs to the basic, but not to auxiliary "production", i.e. it is not serving division, and the division which is carrying out primary activity of the company.

formation of the authentic reporting on a condition of own portfolio of the company and the money allocated for its formation, and also the reporting on a condition of money and portfolios of clients, i.e. formation of the reporting necessary for adoption of the correct administrative decision

Standards of NAUFOR provide interbroker verification by the direction to the counterbroker of "confirmation of the transaction". In case of not return of this confirmation to morning of the day following behind day of the transaction will be considered that the counterbroker agrees to settle the transaction.

As well as when coding issues of securities, when developing these accounts it is necessary to consider specifics of firm. For example, it is very short-sighted to define accounting account 76 for clients and to give them serial numbers (71, 72, 73, etc.). The account as a character set has to bear the semantic loading facilitating control of work of brokers and observance of standards.

The basis for entries in registers of the internal account are the following primary documents fixing the fact of commission of operation with securities (the conclusions of the transaction, the movement of securities, the movements monetary :

Before the account were conducted on cards of which there was their history. All calculations and entries were made manually. Now the staff of department receives the computer extracts called by the report on the status, or the diary of activity of the account. This document contains all information necessary for performance of its functions by department.

Naturally, this division very approximate and the general as the modern point of view for a planning role at various levels of management says the following: "All heads of any level have problems of strategic, tactical and operational planning". And the real situation completely confirms it.

"Blotter" is used, secondly, for accounting of various monetary sizes (the "first" and pure sums, exchange and registration fees, commission charges, the saved-up percent and preparation for clients of notices on transactions.

Brokers and dealers are recommended to prepare internal Balance on the basis of information on the date of completion of operation in addition and in parallel with the Balance made on the basis of information on the date of operation commission.